This year the team of AstroSandbox wants to found a new type of astronomy and astrophysics competitions - astronomy fights.

If you have heard about mathematical fights, you are already familiar with the format of the competition.
If not, here is a short description:

Every fight consists of 2 parts:
1) A team of competitors solves problems with difficulty of around III-IV stages of Ukrainian national olympiads. They have three to four hours to do so.
2) After, the team meets the competing team, that was solving the same problems in the same time frame. The teams take turns to "challenge" each other on the problems. If you are being challenged on a certain problem you have to explain its solution to the opposing team. If you challenge the opposing team on a problem, you have to listen and look for errors (if they are presents). At the end of the explanation, you point out the errors.

The judges give points to the teams based on the depth of the solution/errors in the solution/what errors were pointed out and how they were corrected.

At the end you can either get a win or a draw, based on the points earned during the fight. Each team will participate in several fights during the tournament. A win brings 2 points, draw brings 1, and loss brings 0. At the end of the tournament the team with the most points wins.

You can read the complete rules of mathematical fights here (UA). At this point in time they are not crucial, but you may find answers to your questions there.

If you are interested in such type of competition (as a participant or a judge), please fill out the form below.
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