AstroSandbox - the winner of Studway Awards 2020
About 320 days have passed since the founding of our project and during this time we have gone from a chat for astronomers to the organizers of the All-Ukrainian competition "Astronomical Fights" and developers of a detailed in-depth astronomical course, thanks to which we won the Study Awards 2020 youth project competition. in the nomination "Scientific project".

Studway is one of the most widespread Ukrainian-language publications for young people, so this award is very important for us.

At this stage, people from 19 regions took part in our events, and the resource that we created is used by people far beyond Ukraine.

We are sure that we have even greater victories and achievements ahead of us, and we thank everyone who reads us, watches us, and participates in the development. And of course we are incredibly grateful to Studway and EdEra for this very significant award for us.

The development of any field in any country begins with education, so we understand that we are doing a very important job.

Let's make the skies clear together!
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(Unfortunately, only 2 people from our team were able to attend, but other team members can be found in the "Team" section)

Photos from the award ceremony
Video from the award ceremon
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May heaven send us a path with the moon and stars!